• Green Candidate

Candidate Bridget Burns

Above all Bridget Burns is a true representative of East Vancouver: born and raised to a single working mother, Bridget went through the public school system and was the recipient of local after school programs. She currently lives in Mount Pleasant with her partner, a figurative artist and instructor at Vancouver Film School. To support herself while starting her own business, she’s had to work a number of jobs from serving and bartending, to event planning, fundraising, and acting. Bridget understands the challenges young people face in our city because she is living them herself.

Bridget is passionate about women, youth, and animals as she knows they all contribute to the welfare of our planet. She cares deeply about the health and wellness of East Van residents and wants to support more sustainable, healthy food sources in schools and community programs. She knows that housing, health, and food are the building blocks we all need to thrive and wants to ensure everyone can afford a warm place to call home. Bridget is deeply concerned about the environment and wants to inject a sense of urgency into the conversation.

Bridget has volunteered with the DTES Women’s Shelter, Union Gospel Mission, and the Boys and Girls Club. She has a recurring Vegan Night Market in East Van which fosters small local businesses and collects food, clothing, and pet food for the WISH Drop-in Centre — more than 1500 people attended her most recent event.

Currently a vegan chef and event organizer, Bridget has deep connections to the vegan community and sees great potential in their shared Green values. She strongly believes that the Green Party can be a an outlet for those who are actively engaged in their communities but have not found a home in politics.

Bridget already has a core campaign team; a large social media following; and experience organizing, fundraising, and throwing events — all of which she is eager to put to work for the Greens and the residents of East Vancouver.