Green Storming

It’s important that the Green Party hears from the grassroots about questions, problems, and policies. Green Storming is a mechanism to allow anyone to bring forward their ideas without letting strong voices take over the conversation.

Here are some of the topics from past events

How Green Storming works

Each person can add their name to the speaker’s list to get a two minute slot for their topic. When their time is up, they can put their name on the list again for a new topic or to continue their previous topic. Speakers are chosen in order from the list.

The beauty of Green Storming is we can collect a number of ideas in a short period of time. However, we all have to follow the rules.

  • Prospective speakers should add their name to the speakers list flipchart when they think of their idea. It is OK to get up and move when others are talking.
  • So that we don’t waste time between speakers, the next two speakers on the list should come up to the front and be ready.
  • The speaker can accept questions, but their time is not extended. The preferred choice is for the questioner to add their name to the list
  • To help the speaker with their time limit, there is a timekeeper, with coloured cards, in the front row.
    • Green - only 30 seconds left
    • Yellow - just 15 seconds left
    • Red - time to quit. If the speaker wants more time, they can add their name to the end of the speakers list

Treasuring these Ideas

We will save and upload the Green Storming topics to the web. Our secretary writes down a short description of the topic and emails to the speaker for approval/editing. The speaker may expand on the topic if they desire and give links to further information.

Within a couple of weeks, these topics and other information is uploaded to the Prior Events page and the topics are added to the list at the top of this page.