• Green Nominee

Louise Boutin Questions and Answers

  1. How will you encourage people who have never voted to get out and vote Green?

    Door-to-door canvassing and phone banking are particularly effective at turning out voters, including those who haven’t voted much in the past. The personal social contact that is inherent in these two communication mediums is noted by political science experiments as the driving force inspiring people to vote. I will be out there door-knocking and will set up a phone data base and have my team start calling early to make sure we contact as many voters as possible.

  2. Do you have a plan to get young people to volunteer and vote?

    Students don’t think voting is important at the present, it definitely is going to matter to them as they turn older when issues such as job scarcity, high mortgage rates, or healthcare rates start affecting them. I will recruit volunteers from the various schools in the riding as students are likelier to listen to their peers, and will need to train them so they have the complete know-how to answer questions. To recruit volunteers I will hold rallies and meetups with a festive/fun approach. I will also reach out personally to ask my contacts to volunteer.

    Since youth are the biggest users of both social media and text messaging, I will use these platforms to forge connections with millennials. I will upload links where users can register to vote and post about important dates and polling venues. Almost all social media sites offer detailed targeting, so I can also publish advertisements which will be viewed by younger demographics. Text messaging will also be used as this is the best mode of communication with young people.

  3. What are your thoughts about deep canvassing and big organizing?

    I will be using direct contact with individuals by door-knocking and holding meetups and rallys to find out what are the most important issues at the moment for the constituents in the riding. Listening is more important that just telling the person your views. A good place to start is with the questions Wally created.

    I will confer greater levels of power and agency to self-starting volunteers This move to grassroots power liberates me of significant energy that can be channeled towards other objectives.

    The most important way to get volunteers is to ask directly.

  4. What are the first three issues you will bring to Ottawa as an MP?

    1. Housing is the most important issue in the riding so I will work to get the funding back on the table for social housing initiatives.
    2. Creating a living wage policy as the current welfare system is not adequate.
    3. The Economy - reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and aim for sustainable development without degrading the environment. Fund R&D initiatives in the green economy
  5. Do you have a campaign organizer and a fundraising plan?

    I have started a search for a campaign organizer at the moment.

    My plan is to develop a detailed plan with my team and start telemarketing, direct mail (including prospecting), and fundraising events as soon as possible. I will target the existing Green party database first. I will also work with the federal green fundraising manager for strategies.

  6. Do you have a campaign slogan?

    "Right Time, Right Choice"
    "The Change We Need. It's Time!"

  7. The most important question is: Why are you running?

    I decided to run for office because I am fed up with the current political landscape. I feel that I have a voice and I need to use it to affect the change that needs to happen. I want a future for the coming generations that is full of possibilities. They should not have to pay for our mistakes. I am passionate about the environment and how we have been ignoring the destruction we are causing to the planet. The pipeline is a major issue in BC as well as Site C and gas fracking. There is a better way and we need to act quickly. We need to set aggressive targets now!

    I started helping Dan Grice - Green Party candidate in the Quadra by-election in 2008. I connected with the Green Party vision then and decided to run in the 2011 elections in the riding of Kingsway. I campaigned on the environment, housing and daycare as well as the legalization of marijuana. I ran again in 2015 in Rimouski as I am Quebecoise and we needed to cover all ridings. I ran for the BC Greens in the 2017 elections in Vancouver-Fairview and finished with 13.27 per cent of the vote.

    I want to be a part of the change that needs to occur to save our planet and I feel that the best way to do so is as a federal MP for East Vancouver!