• Green Nominee

Simon de Weerdt

Simon de Weerdt lives in Vancouver East, working as a city bus driver by day and on projects as time permits. Simon was born in Ottawa, spent his early years in Yellowknife, NWT and moved during high school to Vancouver. The 1999 UBC BSc in Computer Science came after years of working in various jobs, roughneck, taxi driver, realtor, lumber piling, serving, painting, first aid, entrepreneur developing technology, tutor and it lead to work as a software developer. When the software market dried up he became a bus driver, driving the 99 and 95 B-Lines among others.

Simon has 4 children, now adults from his first marriage. He coached soccer and basketball, participated on Parent's Associations, School Planning Council and advocated for his children in various capacities. Simon has volunteered for several technical organizations and is a long term proponent and user of open source software.

Vegetarian since reading Diet for a Small Planet 30+ years ago, vegan the last few years, Simon walks his talk. He is very concerned about a number of Green Issues from the need to shift energy production to distributed, local, renewable sources to the idea of a basic income to bring everyone into a shared economy. Lifelong learning is becoming the new normal and will be a tremendous new source of productivity. We need to meet the challenges of Climate Change and automation via Artificial Intelligence head on.

Simon has participated as a Director of the GPC VanEast EDA, developed and sponsored the "Data Collection on Agricultural Chemicals" Green Policy and supported 2 VanEast Green Housing Policies at the 2018 GPC BGM. Simon has volunteered for both GPC and BC Green party election campaigns.