• Green Nominee

Sung Wong

Sung Wong was born in Malaysia in 1965 and immigrated to Canada in 1972. He grew up in East Vancouver, and graduated from UBC with a degree in Applied Science in Bio-Resource engineering. Sung possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has a deep concern for the state of our city, our country and our planet.

While operating shared accommodation homes, Sung saw firsthand the crushing despair and damage caused by homelessness, poverty, addiction, and mental health problems and thus has made it his personal political mission to tackle these issues. He is active in the community.

Sung has volunteered politically, being involved in door-knocking, mainstreeting, town-halling, and phone canvassing. He has also volunteered in various office duties during political campaigns, like making signs, putting up and taking down signs, folding pamphlets, translations, and other associated activities. Sung is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and conversational in Cantonese and French. Once nominated (and even before), he will declare to everybody about the Green Party and its political platform.

A businessman, Canadian patriot and an avid believer of sustainable free enterprise, Sung is also an ardent supporter of the principles of renewable resources and environmental responsibility.

He believes that political consensus and collaboration, not partisanship, is the way of the future.

Sung and his wife and two children, reside in Kitsilano.