• Green Nominee

Sung Wong Questions and Answers

  1. How will you encourage people who have never voted to get out and vote Green?

    I will encourage people to vote by bringing awareness to green issues and by talking to everyone that I meet that they need to get out and exercise their electoral duty. As some of you may have noticed, I’m not afraid to talk to people one on one. And nothing beats a one on one connection by telling people directly that they need to get politically involved. I have already gotten my family members involved who a short while ago didn’t even know that there was a Green Party. I also believe in the power of social media and those of us who are more technically savvy should ramp up our tech-game to put the word out there on the Internet that, that for the sake of the planet, this is something that we all must do. Even my 80-year-old mother spends at least an hour on the internet, mostly social media, every day, so I think that is a good medium with which to communicate with people. We can also hold Green rallies, like car free day in which to bring awareness to our cause.

  2. Do you have a plan to get young people to volunteer and vote?

    My plan to get young people to get involved is how I get people generally to get involved, as outlined above, through direct communication by word-of-mouth and through social media. You have to say to young people and people in general, “do you >pledge< to me that in the next election, you will go out and physically vote?” And wink wink nod nod you will vote for the Green Party?! 😅. Where it says the candidate for the Green party just put the check mark in the box!

  3. What are your thoughts about deep canvassing and big organizing?

    In short, I’m all for it. We are in the ecological end-times. Our world is dying. It’s like we can never spend too much time with our family, I do not believe that we can pick an approach that is too big, to surmount the environmental challenges placed before us. This concerns every man, woman and child and for that matter, every other living thing on the planet, so it’s not a matter of how deep or how large the approach is.... it’s a matter of whether we are able to and have the political will to implement them. It’s gonna have to be a revolution, a green revolution of ideas and of political will. We should hold rallies, even mass rallies to bring about the green revolution. We should even make green awareness a part of our school curriculum to protect future generations and our planet from environmental degradation. If we do this right, nobody gets hurt everybody wins.

  4. What are the first three issues you will bring to Ottawa as an MP?

    1. The implementation of already existing technologies similar to picking up low-lying fruits. How about federal incentives to place solar panels on every or nearly every roof in East Vancouver? What’s to stop us from doing that, only the lack of political will! How about charging stations on or nearly on every block for electrical or hybrid vehicles, or make them so common that it becomes an incentive to buy an electrical vehicle?

      Or what about geo-thermal? Many Canadian engineers are helping to instal geothermal systems in other countries but not, to my knowledge, here in Metro Vancouver or in BC. That’s unfortunate, when other people are using our talent to further their own environmental agendas, but we are not even using them here in BC.

    2. The downtown east side is ground zero of the opioid crisis in all of Canada. We must bring this awareness to Ottawa. We should assemble a homelessness task force which would set out to talk to every homeless person on the downtown east side and what we can do to help them get off the streets, whether it be through harm-reduction, subsidized housing, mental health services OR a combination of the above plus as-yet undiscussed methodologies to get people off the streets. You know it kinda ruins the view of our city. When I was a taxi driver, tourists would be shocked when they would go through the Main and Hastings. People would say to me, you have a beautiful City here. Why do you have so many homeless people? It really hurts me to hear that about my own City and my neck of the woods. The DTS must be cleaned up via compassion, understanding, and a systematic way to deal with the homelessness and poverty issue.
    3. The downtown east side has the poorest postal code IN ALL OF CANADA. We should look into the building of non-market housing to address the affordability issue. Low-income people should live in subsidized housing. People above a certain threshold income should pay rent as a portion of the salaries.

      I call it the Vienna model as that is what they are doing there. We should study that model carefully and see how it can be applied to East Vancouver or even Vancouver in general.

  5. Do you have a campaign organizer and a fundraising plan?

    Besides the traditional methods like asking party members at green gatherings for donations, other tried-and-true traditional methods like phoning people for donations, emailing people and sending them a link for donations, and also using social media to canvass for donations...what about crowdfunding? We should research into the legalities of it and the details of, and the technical aspects of crowdfunding, but I think this is something that is very promising because it could have a potentially worldwide reach, with possible access to hundreds if not millions of dollars if we do it right. I’m ready to listen to anybody who has technical expertise in this area.

  6. Do you have a campaign slogan?

    Greens, the only choice!

  7. The most important question is: Why are you running?

    Why am I running? ... at the risk of sounding dramatic, there are many prominent scientists and political thinkers who say that in the next fifty years, replacing the carbon infrastructure to a renewable infrastructure will be the defining struggle of our times, the civil rights movement of our era, if you will, and will decide the fate of humankind and of the planet. You know what’s even scarier? .. now there are many people in the know that are saying that we probably don’t even have 50 years. When you listen to that political platform of most politicians, the environment, sustainability and other green concerns are usually at the bottom of the pile. The vast majority of politicians, and I have spoken with many of them, their main concern is being reelected, exerting their influence, earning their salaries (I myself am already retired) and meanwhile.... our planet dies. We the Green Party (all over the world) must take action before it’s too late. The time to act is NOW. I’m doing this for my children and your children, OUR children and our children’s children. This is not about self-aggrandizement or about making a salary. It’s about saving the Planet

    Back in the day when I was a nighttime taxi driver (over two stints), I had taken thousands of people home safely in the middle of the night. Back when I was operating shared accommodation, I had literally taken hundreds of people off the street and giving them housing. I’m a volunteer in many community organizations. I have made a difference, continue to make a difference, And I believe will continue to make an even greater difference when put into a position where I can influence policy. And in short, that’s why, I am running!