Why Donate?

The Green Party, like any organization, needs money to operate. In your local riding of Vancouver East, we are all volunteers – no one gets paid. We also share as much equipment, supplies, and space as we can with other Green Party ridings. While we still need funds for office supplies and to keep the lights on, the main costs are in making contact with others.

  • Fees to exhibit at community events
  • "Vancouver Eats" BBQs to engage and educate our neighbours
  • Sending delegates to conventions
  • Fundraising events
  • Outreach and support of other diverse voices
  • Signage and printing
  • Promotion items such as reusable totes and T shirts
  • Liaison with organizations with similar ideals

Political first, then charitable donations

Here’s why you should consider a political donation to the Green Party before you make a charitable donation – every dollar in your federal political donation, up to $100, is multiplied by four for the Green Party. Since you get a 75% tax credit on every dollar you donate up to $400, we can use the full $400 and it only costs you $100 because you get $300 back on this year’s tax return. A charitable donation only reduces your taxable income, so you don’t get as much tax benefit. Please donate first to the Green Party.

Tax credits are based on the taxation year. In a new calendar year, you’ll get credit again up to the full $400. Towards the end of the calendar year, be sure to top up your donation to $400.

However, gifts of any size (up to the legal limit of about $1,500 per year) are welcome. Thank you.

Membership is included

When you make a donation, your membership is free. Simply click the box to get your membership.

Benefits of membership