Why the Green Party?

The Green Party has always been leading the way, even though we don’t yet have the electoral majority to enact progressive policies. These are some of the Green Party policies that other parties have now incorporated in their own platforms:

  • Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Programs
  • Promotion of Green (Tax) Shift
  • Supporting Labour Rights and Poppy Legalization in Afghanistan
  • Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis

Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, is a master of working cooperatively with other political parties. While the following progressive policies have yet to be incorporated by other federal parties, you can be sure she is urging those parties to do the right thing. We need your support to help support her in her efforts.

We are working on these items from the 2015 platform:
  • Sustainable Economy
    • Create a Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund to invest in skills-training, education, energy efficiency, renewables, and emerging
    • Partner with First Nations for truly responsible resource development
    • Abolish Tuition Fees for college, university, and skills training programs
    • Put Canadian Small Businesses First
    • Support Local Food and Small-Scale Producers
  • Strong Communities
    • Innovate and Defend Canada’s Health Care
    • Implement a Guaranteed Livable Income
    • Implement a National Seniors Strategy
    • Implement the Calls to Action of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission
  • Good Government
    • Restore Science and the Role of Evidence in our Decision Making
    • Create a Council of Governments, including federal, provincial/territorial, municipal/local, and First Nations, Metis, and Inuit
    • Replace First-Past-The-Post with Proportional Representation
    • Rebalance Rights to Democracies and Reduce Corporate Rule in all investor-state agreements
  • Bold Climate Action
    • Defend Against Risky Pipelines and Oil Tankers
    • Arrest the Growth in Oil Sands Expansion but increase refining capacity and retraining for workers
    • Implement a Robust Canadian Climate and Energy Strategy
    • Create a National Railway Transportation Strategy
    • End Thermal Coal Exports

Add your voice on important issues and help us raise the profile of the Green Party in Vancouver East.